rebrand FAQs


Our KATE shop is now LADYCO River Market. Still the same assortment you love, now easier for you all! Returns and exchanges can be handled at either location. Gift cards work at either location. One website. Easy peasy. <3  


Hi Friends!

This has been in the works for a while, and finally we got all of the system maintenance complete to make it official! Our River Market shop, KATE, is now LADYCO River Market. 

It's surreal that just seven months ago we were three sister shops - COCO, Lady Bye and KATE. Then in December our Brookside shops Lady Bye and COCO merged to become LADYCO, just two blocks west and about 2000 sq feet larger. I'll admit, each of these changes has been bittersweet. But if the last three years have taught me anything, it's that the shops were ready for their next chapter. 

Still the staff and customer service you love. Still the same assortment you love with sizes XS-3X. Just now with much of the logistical side of business (gift cards, exchanges, Instagram, etc) simplified (both for you, our amazing customers, and us)! ✨🍾🛍️



Why did you move in December?

To be 100% transparent, it was move or close. COVID plus the closure of all our retail neighbors affected our foot traffic very, very badly.

In addition, the new space is so much larger. This will allow us to do so much: offer a wider variety of inventory, offer bigger private parties, host more pop ups. We will have a Curvy Shop within the shop that we are so excited about! And so much more!’   


What about my coco, Lady Bye and KATE gift cards?

Don't worry for one second! Gift cards from coco, Lady Bye and Kate will transfer to LADYCO. 

Whenever you are ready to shop:  

In person: bring your gift card(s) to the either LADYCO shop and our team will transfer your balance to a new LADYCO card on the spot. 

Online: get in touch and our manager will transfer your card. When you message please include your name as well as the last four digits of your gift card. Please allow one business day for us to reply. 


What about my COCO, Lady Bye and Kate VIP rewards? I didn’t use them yet!

No worries! VIP rewards from coco, Lady Bye and Kate transfer to LADYCO.

Whenever you are ready to redeem your rewards:

In person: bring the reward you received in the mail to the either LADYCO shop and our team will apply the reward to your LADYCO purchase that day.

Online: get in touch once and our manager will reissue you a new reward code. When you message please include your name as well as the the code on the card you received in the mail. Please allow one business day for us to reply. Reminder that rewards cannot be transferred between customers and can only be redeemed by the name on the account.


What about returns? I have something from Kate I wish to exchange. 

For sure! Our usual return policy still applies. Only now you can do your return or exchange at either shop! 


I want more information!

Do you currently receive our Kate newsletters? If so, you’ll be automatically added the LADYCO newsletter! 

If you don’t receive our newsletter or don't recall, you can enroll for the LADYCO newsletter here.

In addition, please follow our instagram @shopladyco. There you will find all the content you love from us plus even more! 


I still have more questions. 

We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch here.