we are hiring!

We are hiring for an Assistant Manager for our three shops - COCO brookside, Lady Bye and KATE.

30-35 hours a week (to increase to 35-40 hours a week post-COVID-slowdown)

Weekday and Weekend availability required

Position Overview
An Assistant Store Manager assists in creating and nurturing a sales-focused environment at Lady Bye, COCO and KATE. S/he provides excellent service to customers, assists in creating and maintaining clear expectations for staff, and respects the overall goals the owners have set forth for the business.

An excellent Assistant Store Manager can anticipate the needs of the owners, General Manager, Inventory Manager and staff as well as the daily, weekly and monthly needs of the store. S/he creates and maintains an environment motivated to offer the absolute best customer service to every person who interacts with the businesses. S/he is efficient, organized, flexible and quick-thinking.

Physically, an assistant store manager must be able to work on her/his feet for eight hours, move up and down a flight of stairs, and move boxes up to 40lbs.

To Apply
Please email your cover letter, desired wage and resume to Paulina at hello@ladybyekc.com. Don't hesitate to be in touch if you have further questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!