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period party details


The sister stores of COCO, Lady Bye and Kate are so excited to announce our second period packing party! And we need your help collecting supplies!

Everything will go to Homeless Period Project KCMO, an organization that distributes free period products to those in need in our city! We've been a fan of theirs for a long time and are so thrilled to be hosting another event for them! 



* Oct 1-19 we are collecting the following supplies:


individually-wrapped HYGIENE WIPES


individually-wrapped PANTY LINERS

quart-sized ZIPLOCKS



For every box of supplies you contribute, get 20% off one item of your choosing! Bring five boxes of tampons? Get 20% off five items! Bring two boxes of individually-wrapped panty liners and one box of quart-sized ziplocks? Get 20% off three items. You get the idea. <3 

* And what a fantastic way to come together and support those in need in our community! Bring a friend, bring five! 



* Mark your calendars! 


Oct 20

4-6pm at COCO

open-house style

We all come together and pack the supplies.

Watch Instagram for more details.



When can I donate and how much should I bring? You can drop off your donations any time during our open hours (Mon-Sat 11-7, Sun 10-4) through Oct 19. You can also donate at sister stores Lady Bye and COCO. There is no limit on how much you can bring! Two boxes tomorrow. Two next weekend. Every contribution is so very much appreciated (and you won't be denied that 20% discount at multiple stores)!

Do I need to donate ahead of time, or can I bring my supplies to the party? You are welcome to drop supplies off at the party if that time works best for you. If you do have time to drop off sooner, that would be awesome. We will be taking stock of everything donated the day before the party, and purchasing more if there is one type of item in which we are disproportionate. 

How does the discount work? Discount/s must be used the day the item/s are donated.

 * What exactly do we do at a packing party? Homeless Period Project KCMO has a packing checklist. This ensures every menstrautor gets just what they need. We will have packing stations set up, and party attendees will pack 10 tampons, 7 ind.-wrapped hygiene wipes, 7 pads and 7 ind.-wrapped panty liners into a Ziplock Quart-sized bag. 

I cannot donate at this time - can I still come to the party? Yes! Any and all are welcome to be a part of this event! Whether you donate and cannot attend the party, or vice versa, we want to see your beautiful faces. Let's bring all this positive energy together!  

We could not be more excited to be a part of what Homeless Period Project KCMO is doing! We encourage you to follow them on Instagram at @homelessperiodprojectkcmo. Can't wait to see you all soon! xx